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Environmental Consultant In Buffalo, NY

Located in Buffalo, NY, Environmental Air Solutions offers mycotoxin testing services to address your indoor air quality concerns. Property owners, real estate agents and home inspectors contact us for mold and asbestos inspections and testing, as well as indoor air quality testing. Fully licensed and certified, our environmental consultant company provides the expert services needed to keep homes safe and people healthy.

Quick Turnaround Time

Our consultants prides themselves on quick turnaround time and prompt service.

Family-Owned & Operated

We’re a local, family-owned and operated business with roots in the Buffalo community.

Discreet Testing

Our vehicles are unmarked, providing discreet testing services

Precise Scope Of Work

Our licensed inspectors and technicians provide a precise scope of work for each job.

Mold, Asbestos And Indoor Air Quality Inspections

As a highly-rated testing company, Environmental Air Solutions provides prompt, thorough service to Buffalonians worried about their indoor air quality. Whether you’re troubled about mold, asbestos or other air pollutants, our licensed team has the tools and knowledge to pinpoint any problems affecting your home. Then, we provide solutions that remediate air quality detractors so you can breathe in freshness.

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We perform inspections and testing within 48 hours of customers contacting us

The humid climate in Buffalo, NY is ideal for mold growth. Add in other circumstances—such as leaking pipes—and your home becomes a breeding ground for fungus. As soon as you think you have mold in your home, you want immediate help. We schedule appointments for mold inspections and testing within 48 hours of you contacting us; lab results come back within 24 hours of the inspection and test. The entire process is done as quickly and as thoroughly as possible, because we know your health and comfort hang in the balance.

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You receive the lab results from inspections and testing within 24 hours

The widespread use of asbestos in construction materials during the 20th Century also continues to cause health issues for people today. People planning to remodel should get in touch with a environmental consultant company like us to inspect and test for asbestos. Disturbing asbestos creates a more significant hazard, so it’s essential to work with one of our licensed asbestos inspectors before you start any renovation project. We identify the scope of any asbestos concerns in your home and provide guidance on how to properly remediate them.

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The path to fresher, cleaner, safer air is just a phone call away

Did you know that the air inside your home may be as much as three times more polluted as the air outside? It doesn’t have to be that way. It shouldn’t be that way! Call us to quickly diagnose issues affecting your air quality, so you can start the remediation process as soon as possible.