Asbestos Testing in Buffalo, NY

During the 20th Century, contractors constructed homes with products comprised of asbestos. From floors to roofs, siding to thermal systems, asbestos was everywhere before we learned about the health concerns related to this material. Environmental Air Solutions conducts asbestos inspections and testing for property owners, real estate agents and home inspectors in Buffalo, NY. ]

Licensed Asbestos Inspectors

If you plan on remodeling your home or want to remediate any materials containing asbestos, most contractors require an inspection by a licensed inspector. We’ve received a New York State Department of Labor Asbestos inspector certification to ensure the work we complete for clients passes the highest level of scrutiny.

Asbestos Inspections

Since so many manufacturers incorporated asbestos into their home construction products, it’s tricky to pinpoint the areas of high concentration in your home. During an asbestos inspection, one of our licensed inspectors visually inspects the property, takes inventory of suspect materials and obtains samples for testing. A certified and licensed inspector must complete the inspection before any renovations or remediation can take place.
Determining the type of asbestos during testing allows the remediation company to remove this hazardous material from your property correctly.

Prompt Testing And Analysis

It’s not safe to inhale any amount of asbestos fibers. We provide prompt, high-quality work within the first 48 hours of you contacting us. Asbestos testing occurs at a lab. One of our well-trained lab technicians examines the samples to determine the concentration of asbestos throughout your house.

Identify and Remediate Asbestos in Your Home

There’s no reason to let concerns about asbestos in your home keep you up at night. Instead, call Environmental Air Solutions today at 716-410-6767 to schedule an asbestos inspection or asbestos testing for your Buffalo, NY property.