Mold Testing in Buffalo, NY

There’s no lack of moisture in Buffalo, NY, creating perfect mold growth conditions. Factor in other concerns such as unidentifiable musty odors or plumbing leaks behind walls, and you understand why homeowners, real estate agents and home inspectors stress about mold. Fortunately, Environmental Air Solutions has the expertise to conduct mold inspection and testing throughout Chautauqua County.

Licensed Mold Inspectors

If you suspect there’s mold growth in your home, you want the best professionals to inspect and test your property. We hold a license as a New York State Department of Labor mold assessor and have a current contractor certification. These industry designations signify our ongoing commitment to proving the highest quality inspections and testing for every customer who hires us.

Mold Inspections

Within 48 hours of contacting us, we come to your property to generate a precise work plan before we start a job, to ensure everyone is on the same page. During a mold inspection, a technician performs a visual assessment of the property to locate the growth areas. Following the inspection, mold testing takes place to determine the fungus type. Knowing the type(s) of mold benefits the contractor or company handling the remediation process.

Prompt Services and Analysis

Property owners concerned about mold growth in their homes want answers fast. That’s why Buffalonians get in touch with Environmental Air Solutions. Within the first 48 hours after you’ve contacted us, we provide prompt, high-quality testing.

Protect Your Home and Family

We’ve encountered every type of mold you’ll find in houses throughout Chautauqua County and Buffalo, NY. At Environmental Air Solutions, we take pride in offering the highest quality mold testing and inspection services. Call us at 716-410-6767 now to schedule mold inspection and testing for your house.